SiteSearch v1.0 - Configuration

Search Root Directory
This is the complete file path to the directory the search engine will start searching in. All files with matching extensions in this directory and all directories below this one will be searched. The default directory is

Search Root URL
This is the internet URL that points to the directory above. Be sure to include http://. (ie:

Search File Exits
This lists all the types of files you would like to search. If you would like to search all files that end in .html, .htm and .txt enter the extensions (including period) one after another in the text box

Files not to search
This is a list of files or dirs not to search. Any file that matches will not be searched. ie: enter "admin" to skip all files and dirs that contain the word "admin".

Search Admin PW
This is the admin password that is used to login and change config options. Be sure to choose a good password so no one else can access the admin menu.