Dr. Tom Seymour's Professional Articles

Dr. Tom Seymour's Professional Articles in 2011 to 2015

Dr. Tom Seymour's Professional Articles in 2011 to 2015

Zakir, Jasmine, Seymour, Tom and Berg, Kristi. “Big Data Analytics,” Issues in Information Systems Journal, International Association for Computer Information Systems Annual Conference, Clearwater Beach, Florida / October 9, 2015 (Refereed) http://www.iacis.org/iis/2015/2_iis_2015_81-90.pdf Article - "Big Data Analytics" IACIS Issues in Information Systems Journal, October 9, 2015
Article - The History Of Project Management in IJMIS Journal-October,2014

Panel Presentation "The Current State of Open Access-E-Journals" at 2014 IACIS Meeting in Las Vegas, NV - October 1

Panel Presentation "Network Neutrality in the Near Term" at 2014 NTCA Fall Conference in San Francisco, CA - September 22

Article - How To Create An App IJMIS Journal
Puerto Rico- IACIS Abstract - "Open Access Journals - October 3, 2013"
Chicago NTCA Presentation - "Mobile Apps for Directors and Telco Leaders"
Article - History of Databases in IJMIS Journal
Article/Presentation - "History of Blogging"-Global Business Development Institute Conference - Las Vegas, NV, December 17, 2012
Article - Social Media apps in NTCA Exchange Magazine
Tom-Editor-in-Chief / International Journal of Management & Information Systems
Article - Cloud Computing in IJMIS Journal
Chair, HLC Visit to Thomas M.Cooley Law School - Florida
IACIS Proceedings - Teaching The Google Tool Set
Article - Social Media in ND Living Magazine
Article - American Journal of Health Sciences - Clute Institute

IACIS Ben Bauman Award

History of Search Engines Article in IJMIS

Smart Grid Article in RBISJ

History of Social Media Article in JAME

Tom's Wireless Article in RBISJ

Social Media-Minneapolis-OPASTCO

Social Media-Las Vegas-IACIS

Social Media-Seattle-OPASTCO

National Science Foundation