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Some Excellent Sites to Review

Dr. Seymour's Message
Dr. Tom Seymour's Message

Norsk Hostfest in Minot, North Dakota
The North Dakota State Fair
Researching Companies---Tutorial
Distance Learning Accreditation Site
Extended Learning -- Online Classes at Minot State
WebCT Instructions -- Hundreds of Hot Sites For You
North Dakota Univrsity System
The World Lecture Hall -- A List of Many Online Classes and Syllabi
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Finding Information About the North Dakota University Professor Retirement Program-TIAA-CREF
Minot,North Dakota's Website and Related Local Links to the City of Minot
North Central Association --
Research and Education Grant Opportunities - For University Faculty Members
Search The North Dakota Libraries For Your Information
Faculty Salary Calculator, Salary Surveys, Relocation, and Living Indices
North Dakota's -- Minot Daily News, GF Herald, Forum and Bismarck Tribune
Ideas For Interviewing For An Information Technology Position
United States Department of Education Website
PC Mike's Awesome Links Site
Ideas For Interviewing For An Information Technology Position
Ask Jeeves!!! A Question About Your Interest Areas
WORLD 1000 -- The Best Internet Sites in the World
A National Network of Regional Educational Laboratories ---- Many Great Communication Resources
How Stuff Works
Dan and Chasity Seymour's Web site
The Huschka-Seymour Web site