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The Multimedia Resource Center

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Multimedia Development Tools
University User Groups - Educause
Digital Camera Techniques and Learning
Video Studio Creation Tools
MultiMedia Topics from New York
A Series of Important Web Articles
Macromedia Newsletters
Capture It From Your Screen
Multimedia Products For Sale
Multimedia Authoring Software
Informit--Multimedia The New Way
EasyPDF......The Easy Way to Create PDF Files
Creating a PDF File
Java Applets Site
Netscape DevEdge Online
Muffin-Web Page Filter
Microsoft Site Builder Workshop
PowerPoint Presentations and Design
Free Power Point Slides on Graphics

Resources for Using Images on the Web
Questions about the JPEG Compression Scheme
Questions About Image Compression
Check You Browser, Colors, Website,etc.
The USE of Graphics
Graphics Bazaar---Icons
Advanced Graphics Techniques
Graphics for Your Web sites
Macromedia FLASH Information
Good Example of FLASH
A Resource Center for FLASH
FLASH 4 Tutorial
ZDNet Graphics Resources
About Guide to Graphics Software

Handheld Devices Will Dominate the Near Future
Educause Conference 2003
Great Palm Resource site --
The Kyocera 6035 Smartphone Series
PALM Education
PALM Database Program
The Handheld Initative at the University of South Dakota
Handheld Computing at East Carolina University--Handsprings to Learning
Planet PDA Magazine
Pocket PC Magazine
Handheld Computing
Mobile Coders
PDA Verticals
PDA Resources
PDA Tech Fair

Platforms for Online Learning
The World Center for WebCT
eCollege Online Training Site
Blackboard Campus - An Online Presentation Tool
Meta College - Site to Place Faculty Classes
esocrates Site to Help Faculty Members Create Academic Websites
A Website For Asynchronous Learning Networks - Developing the Online Class
Wisconsin Distance Education Clearinghouse

Digital Cameras and Other Multimedia Hardware Devices
How Digital Cameras Work
Digital Cameras
Smaller Digital Cameras
Various Internet Training Resources for Hardware Needs -- New Type Projection Device
Infocus Projectors

Web site Editors
How To Create A Web Page
AOLpress 2.0
Macromedia Dreamweaver - Dynamic HTML Editor
Microsoft FrontPage
NetObjects Fusion
HotMetal Pro
Yahoo!-HTML Editors

Streamed Audio, Video, and Music on the WWW
Examples of Streaming Media
Finding Sounds for PowerPoint Presentations