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Introduction to Internet Training
Dr. Seymour's Message
Dr. Tom Seymour's Message

TECH Resource Location to Read Your Email--Different Site
Virtual Libraries
Dr. Tom Seymour's Web Classroom I
Senator Tom Seymour's Example Political Web site
MSU College of Business
Crain Nansen's site
The Internet Society
Build Online Surveys, Online Testing and Training
Download Some Free Textbooks @
Download the Data Disk for HTML Class
Some Great Software Tutorials
Kentucky School Technology Center
Building Your Own PC
Retailing and E-Commerce
Internet Learning - Toolbox
Salary Comparison Sites
Dreamweaver 3
PAINT SHOP PRO Information
Free Certification Tests
Free Online Classes
Learning Flash 5
Beta News - Sign-up To Beta Test Programs -- Make Free Telephone Calls
Tech Bargains For You To Save Money
PC Mike TV Show and Great Web sites
Librarians' Index to the Internet - A Stunning Resource For You
Help-Site Computer Manuals
Great Site
Newark Public Library
Hundreds of Technical Internet Topics
Online Bookstore - Includes Technical CERTIFICATION Topics -- Internet Books
Windows '95, HTML Collections, 700 Online Magazines ++ STAMPS
Net Happenings + Scout Report
Tracy Marks - The Windweaver Series - Downloads
Oracle -- Careers in Technology
Certification Magazine
Computer Training Handouts
Yahoo! Internet Life Magazine
PoorRichard's site Newsletters - 4 Browser Windows
Domain Name Search and Internet Information
Mousercize Training Exercise and Other Training Exercises
INFOMINE - Mining Information Site
Librarians' Index to the Internet - A Stunning Resource For You
AskJeeves - Software Updates - Downloads
Online Mail and Newbie Internet Tutors - The Windweaver Series
The Internet Tourbus-Students Sign-Up For Tourbus+ Today
Technology Resource
Internet Tutorials, Tourbus, Y2K, and Sendit!
Web - Free Website Hosting
North Dakota's K-12 Year 2000 Information-Sendit!
An Inside View of the "HITS" on Dr. Tom Seymour's Web site
Patrick Crispen PowerPoint Slides

Tools To Unzip, UnStuff and FTP
AnitVirus Research Center
WS_FTP (Ipswitch)
Fetch (Dartmouth College)
Mac Stuffit Expander
Download Area To Get Free Internet Materials
CNET - Downloads
Jumbo Downloads
Photo Downloads on the Internet
Dancing Mouse Studies -- Free Graphics
Adobe Systems Downloads
Macintosh and Other ICONS for Your Website
Daily Double Download - Downloads

Exellent Web sites For You
Windows Magazine
Trade Shows and Business Conferences for Network Administrators
Hundreds of Technical Internet Topcs
Purchase A Computer, Modem, or Communications Software
E-mail, UNIX, PICO, and Various Internet Training Materials---Web Planning
Internet Certification -- Curricula For Preparing Certified Internet Trainers
Intel Corporation Education Home Page
Site Snagger - Like WebWacher
Best Resources On The Internet
World Internet
Handouts For The Internet Introduction Workshop
A Complete Set of Internet Lessons (A-Z) --- Resource for Teachers
Topics For The Beginning Internet 101 Class

Liszt, DejaNews, ISPs and Domain Names
Creating A Teaching Web site -
Sign-up on A Mailing List or Listserv
Lists of Major Newsgroups
Domain Name Registration Site
Find An Internet Service Provider
Internet Service Providers
Midwest Micro
Webmonkey Learning Site

Your Own E-mail List or Discusssion Group
Creating Your Own E-mail List--- Your Own Community
Creating An Electronic Discussion Site -
Creating An Electronic Discussion Site -
Explaining The Terminology and How A Listserv Works - Internet Classroom Assistant

Free E-Mail and Web site Hosting
Virtual Avenue
Internet Publishing
Internet Mute inc.