BIT 562, MIS (Graduate) BIT 235, The Internet & WWW BIT 342, Web Site Design BIT 370, Web Based Applications
BIT 370 Web Based Applications

BIT 370 Course Syllabus for Fall, 2013 HERE

Course Resources:
PayPal---A Way To Use Credit on Your Web site
Merchant Accounts
Off Shore E-Business
Global Payment Solutions
National Fraud Information Center
Red Herring Magazine
Business 2.0 Magazine
The Industry Standard

Resources for XML Programming

Electronic Business Links For Your Review
Payment Process For Credit Cards
Electronic Commerce
Fantastic E-Commerce Links
Great E-Commerce Resources For You
Online Advertising
E-Commerce Reports
ZD Internet -- E-Commerce site
E-Commerce Guide -

E-Commerce Links From A Law Office
E-Commerce Resources
E-Commerce sites -- E-Commerce
Manufacturer's eBusiness Network
E-Commerce Guide
W.W.Grainger, Inc.

Aurora Technology-E-Commerce Solutions
Congressional Advisory Commission on E-Commerce
United States Government Electronic Commerce Policy
Center for Research in Electronic Commerce
Planet Payment

Net Market Makers

The Association of E-Commerce Professionals
Top Web Stores
Senator Dorgan's E-Commerce
Shopping Express
Developing Virtual Communities

Gartner Group
Network Solutions - Domain Names
Buy and Sell Domain Names
The Ecommerce Times
Researching Companies---Tutorial

MarketPlace 2000

Department of Commerce
Political Net
E-commerce Journal
Top Web Stores
Industry Standard
Campus Career Center

Register With Search Engines
Web site Add to Search Engines
Submit Your Site to
Submit Your Site to
Server Log File Analysis Program

Register With 24 Search Engines
Runs Seaches On Your Keywords -
The World Bank Group
The CIA World Fact Book
Forrester Research
Jupiter Communications
ABC Interactive Audit Reports
WhatIs (Internet Guide and Glossary)
PC Webopaedia
BrowserWatch Statistics
CommerceNet/Nielsen Internet Demographics Survey
NUA Internet Surveys
Mediamark Research, Inc

Netcraft Web Server Survey
Network Wizards Internet Domain Surveys
The Internet Index


ViaWeb Search Engine Study
WebReference Banner Ad Placement Study
Yahoo! on Net Statistics
Ziff-Davis InternetTrack

Search Engines For Shoppers
Price Watch
CNET Shopper
ZDNET ComputerShopper

Banner Exchange Programs
MSN Link Exchange
Site Gets Promoted For Each Banner
WebAffects - Banners
AdAbility - Directory of Available Advertising
Help With Banner Design - World Village Exchange
Adsmart Network

Shopping Cart Scripts and Credit Card Programs
PerlShop Scripts
GTA NetOrderForm
Commerce Plugin For FrontPage
The Processing Network
E-Commerce Exchange - $100 per customer who gets a card
Open Market's ShopSite

E-Commerce Software - Mailing-List Mangagement
Mailing Form - Response-o-Matic
Web Site Post Office
PostMaster General
Determine Your Current Majordomo List Subscription Status
Windows Magazine

Finding Out About Companies and Registration
U.S. Copyright Office
US Patent and Trademark Office
IBM Intellectual Property Network
Trademark Checklist
US Business Advisor
Company Sleuth
Corporate Information
Hoover's Online
ZDNET Company Finder
Federal Statistics
International Database

Other E-Commerce Resources
All The Domain Name Providers
E-Commerce Resource - PAF Associates
Purchase A Domain Name
Domain Name Services
Companies Going Public or Selling Stock (IPO)
Bank Rate Monitor
eBay Auction
Internet Mute inc.
Daily Double Download

Data Communication Links

E-Commerce Magazines
Red Herring Magazine
Business 2.0 Magazine
Net Commerce
E-business World
E-Commerce Times
BizWeb 2000
Internet Week
700 Online Computer Magazines
The Industry Standard

Minnesota Electronic Business Links For Your Review

Camworks, Inc.
SPS Commerce, Inc.
WorldWalk Media
Cyrus InterSoft, Inc.
Digital River, Inc.
Net Perceptions, Inc.
NetDirect Corporation
Vital - A Parked Domain NAME

Electronic Business Links For Your Review - The Book
Central North American Trade Corridor
American Association of Home-Based Businesses
Pride of North Dakota Products Online
Small & Home Based Business Links

Electronic Business Links For Your Review

Many Excellent Sites For Your Business
The NetNation Cafe Newsletter
Get An AWARD for Your Website

Trading Links Using Webrings
NUA Internet Surveys
E-Commerce Times Home Page
Idea Cafe: The Small Business Channel
Full Information on Internet Cookies

Search to the Top -- Rankthis

Search For Missing Links - Website Garage
Search Engine Watch
Web Design Business Tips - Tracy Marks

Electronic Commerce Links For Your Review

Online Auction Sale -
TaxWare's Sales/Use Tax Systems
UPS' Quick Cost Calculator Tool
Shopping Basket Module for $50 per month

SmartCart Sells You The Needed Software
SalesCart Starts at $399.
Shopsite $495. or $1,295 models - Many Sites OK
Buildashop Standard - $90. - $1 per transaction
iCat Commerce Online - $ 50. per month or Free

Yahoo! Store - $100 per month for 50 items
Softcart -- Software $1,500
About Working Solo
Business and Marketing Plans Online

Electronic Business Links For Your Review
Electronic Commerce Links For Your Review

How To Write A Business Plan
Business Plan Software Site
Plan-Research The Competitors
Design and Architecture For Your Web site
Practices of Four Leading Web sites
Auto Reviews and Price Comparisons
The Best Legal Structure for Your Business and Website

Buying Online From Sears' Wishbook
Pears and Other Fruits Online
Buying Online at
Buying Software Online

E-Commerce Links From The Home Page
Denver Jobs
Web Tools

IT Training
NTIA-Digital Divide

Webmaster Certification

EWeb Dev

101 Communications
North Dakota IT