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2017 Floor to Ceiling/Carpet One Video

Elected to Cass County Electric Cooperative Board of Directors 4-18-2017

2016 Granted MSU Professor Emeritus by President Shirely

2015 MSU Board of Regents Achievement Award for Service

2011 IACIS Ben Bauman Award for Excellence

Mayville Alumni Award

2009 Mayville State University Distinguished Alumni Award

2008 ITCND Information Technology Legislative Award

2005 NDAEYC Young Children's Champion Advocacy Award

Dr. Tom Seymour's 2017 Resume Web site

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Letter: Senator John Hoeven

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04. BIT 370 Web Based Applications

$18 million ND State Fair Grandstand

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03. BIT 570 E-Business Strategies
04. BIT 370 Web Based Applications
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Minot City Council (2010-2016)

Minot Airport Dedication - $6 Million MSU Press Box

Tom Leaves Minot City Council - June, 2016

Minutes - Minot City Council - May, 2016

Primary Election Ballot - June 12, 2012

Director - SRT Communications, Inc. (2000-2016)

Tom Wins Final 3 year SRT Term and 15 Year Pin


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2016 IACIS Program in Nashville, TN - "UNBREAKABLe: A Concise Overview of Cybersecurity"

Big Data Analytics Article - 2015 IACIS


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