My Bicycle Trip to Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico



Distance: 2,179.3 miles

Average Speed: 13.47 MPH

Total Days: 23

Road Time: 6 days, 17 hours, 49 minutes, 37 seconds

Maximum Speed: 37.1 MPH

Feet Climbed: 58,680 feet (11.11 miles)

Worst Headwinds: Victoria, TX to Rockport, TX: South 10-39 MPH

Best Tailwinds: Nacogdoches, TX to Rosenberg, TX: North 10-15 MPH

Highest Temperature: 97 Degrees Fahrenheit: Kingsville, TX

Highest Heat Index: 113 Degrees: Kingsville, TX

Lowest Temperature: 40 Degrees: Fessenden, ND

Days with tailwinds: 4 of 23

Days with combination winds: 4 of 23

Days with headwinds: 15 of 23

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I have always wanted to attempt a cross-country type trip via bicycle. I have cycled from my home to Canada and thought it would be neat to say I have cycled every portion of the country from north to south. Just cycling across North Dakota seemed to be a huge task. I recently completed one of my smaller goals: cycling across every portion of US Highway 2 in the state of North Dakota. This is not much compared to cycling the country, of course. I maintained an average distance of about 95 miles per day. The total distance was 2,179.3 miles.

I stayed in hotels most of the time except for a couple of nights where I stayed with relatives or friends. If you're interested in any details of my trip, e-mal me at: I had access to the Internet during the entire trip, so I was able to update my page as I went, except for a few nights where a phone was absent or the access to the phone was awkward.

I started this trip on April 1st, 1998, but was forced to temporarily delay the trip until late May since I couldn't meet my initial deadline. I was slowed by four (yes, four) flat tires in Valley City. The wind slowed me significantly and I only made it to Fargo on the fourth day. To make things worse on the fifth day, south winds of 15-30+ MPH slowed me to near 8 MPH. I was then stranded in Wolverton, MN- a small town of 158 as constant rain in the 40-degree weather totally chilled me since I wasn't dressed properly. There were no services and I was taken to Wahpeton by the local sheriff. When I began from where I left off around May 25, I was not restricted by time so I could afford to lose a day or two due to the weather. I was really lucky with the weather for the storm aspect. I only had one instance where I was stranded in rain after my experience on April 5. Luckily, I founde shelter on someone's doorstep. The drawback to the weather was the heat. Once I entered Nebraska, I rarely found a day with a high lower than 90 and a lot of the mornings had lows higher than 80.

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The Basic Route

This route shows basically where I went. The roads and distances are not totally in scale, but all the cities listed on the map were locations I traveled through.

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