Champion Decal Company has gone out of business.

We thank our customers from the 1940's through 2010 for their support and business. What a wonderful and long journey you have made with Champ. We are proud to be permanently stuck to the thousands upon thousands of model railroad cars and locomotives you have labored over. This hobby is truly a labor of love.

From the late Max Gray, the late Rich Meyer and current owner Connie Allard, we wish you all the very best.


September 30, 2010 was the last day any orders were accepted, be it by mail, fax, web or any other means. Orders received here after September 30, 2010 will not be filled (mail orders must be postmarked prior to September 30, 2010)

If your order was placed before September 30, 2010 please note that we are weeks behind in filling our orders. Consequently, some sets may sell out before your particular order is filled due to the many orders ahead of yours. Therefore, the web may have shown that certain sets were available when you placed your order, but may have sold out before we actually got to your order. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Only correspondence inquiring about orders placed before Sept. 30, 2010 will be answered. Our email is